Good morning, Iowa!

Have you heard the good news? We just launched the Juice Side Sessions, a collection of video performances highlighting local musicians and artists displaying their craft in the heart of Iowa. We kicked things off on Wednesday with The Well Pennies. You can find out when the next side session is and how you can attend by keeping an eye on these emails. The details will be revealed in the Aug. 2 newsletter. Since we love our subscribers so much, here's a treat. Get a first look at bonus footage from our side session with The Well Pennies. And now for more of what's happening around Iowa...


Iowa's favorite bicycle ride hit its halfway mark on Wednesday. What are two-wheeled travelers experiencing on their week-long journey from the Missouri to Mississippi River? Here’s a look at five things that make up the magic of RAGBRAI.


"When was the last time you completely unplugged? No phone, no Internet, no technology. In the era of Snapchat and a constant stream of Facebook updates, it can be tough to power down and chill out. One step into HoQ, Suman and Cynthia Hoque's aptly named upscale cafe, and I experienced a similar feeling: a slower pace, a quieter place and a calmer vibe. HoQ is bringing some back-to-nature flair to the East Village." Read more about our Datebook Diner's experience at HoQ.


Bubba, the downtown restaurant specializing in Southern dishes, is finally open. And here's your look at the menu. As a native Texan, I must say that the buttermilk fried chicken and the white cheddar grits cakes were DELICIOUS!

National Balloon Classic...

Get carried away in this nine-day event that’s been a part of Iowa summers for 40 years. See over 100 hot air balloons float over Indianola and Des Moines, with entertainment and events like the Nite Glow Extravaganza taking place at the National Balloon Classic Field, 15335 Jewell St., east of Indianola. Watch morning launches for free. See a schedule and get more information at


- Ameena, Juice

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