Good morning, Iowa!

How many of you are heading out to the Iowa State Fair this week? Here, go eat the 13 most gluttonous dishes at the State Fair. Enjoy, and eat heartily. Or you could be (kinda) healthy. When you're through with the fair, check out our latest Juice Side Sessions video with Dan Tedesco. In case you missed it, Side Session is a collection of video performances highlighting local musicians and artists displaying their craft in the heart of Iowa. We'll be launching another one this week just in time for Fresh Fest, Des Moines' first hip-hop music festival...


Looking to tap into your inner Michael Phelps or Simone Biles? Well, you're in luck. We all can't be Olympians, but we can get close to emmulating them. From fencing to judo to rugby, here are six Olympic sports that you can try in central Iowa. Enjoy!


The saying goes that lightning only strikes once. That may be true, but a few talented photographers in Des Moines were able to catch it three times. Central Iowa was hit with a powerful storm on Aug. 11 and three local photographers — Brian Abeling, Justin Rogers and Dave Austin — were ready to capture the magnificent sight from three different vantage points. Check out the photos.


The woman's account of an incident about her and a friend leaving Wellman's Pub and Rooftop  has been shared more than 5,800 times since she posted it on Wednesday. Part of the post reads:

"As we got to my car, he had followed us there. I had opened my car so my friend could get in quickly. At this point, he looked like he was trying to get into the car next to her… The door was between her and him. Once she got in… he walked to and reached for my passenger backseat door handle. I had luckily had my finger over the lock button and locked it just in time before he could open the door."

Read the rest here.

Gatsby Gala...

Travel back to the Roaring Twenties during the Gatsby Gala, the annual fundraising event for the Salisbury House, built in the 1920s. Dance to live music and enjoy food and Speakeasy spirits. Black tie or 1920s attire encouraged. 6-10 p.m. 4025 Tonawanda Drive. Tickets are $150, or $100 for adults under age 35 at


- Ameena, Juice

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