October baseball is in full force, and Cubs fans, you're in luck! Your team is in the midst of a pennant run. Fans of regional teams (White Sox, Royals, Twins, Cardinals ... Brewers? Are there really any Brewers fans?), jump on the Cubbies' bandwagon and enjoy the drama-filled playoff ride. In celebration of the 100 percent unequivocal and matter-of-fact best month in all professional sports, here's an all-Cubs edition of Your Morning Juice (sorry not sorry, Cards fans). 

Where to watch the big game(s). 

A topic almost as important as the game itself is where to watch the game. Looking for drinks? Game food? A lifelike game experience? Luckily, there's a Juice list of four places to catch the Cubs' playoff run.

For the sake of baseball. 

One lifelong Chicago Cubs fan feels like the team owes him this post-season. "The last time the Cubs coasted to the division flag and into the playoffs was 2008. That was the year the Dodgers steamrolled them, and I burned my cap," he writes. Read the full, emotional take on what it means to be a Cubs fans here (no tissues provided).

And rounding the bases ... 

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