Strap on your feed bag and get ready for Thanksgiving with this pre-holiday edition of Your Morning Juice. From baby giraffes to wild stories about whiskey, here's a look at Juice's latest squeeze on Des Moines and beyond. 

What are they feeding these zoo animals?!

A handful of weeks after the announcement of a rare baby rhino being born at the Blank Park Zoo and the animals are at it again: The zoo announced last week that a baby giraffe is on its way. The birth of the baby — expected to be born from her 19-year-old mother, Uzuri  — is expected in December. Get the full details here.

There's never enough whiskey ... or brunch. Brunch is real good. 

Juice launched an interactive video catered for all of central Iowa's whiskey fans. Seeking to impress? Looking for the perfect drink for a night with friends? Or what about the business drink? Take the tour with one of Iowa's whiskey masters here. People passionate about brunch can share the same experience with Juice's brand new interactive brunch guide to Des Moines. Take the digital tour here.

Stuff your face with this guide to Thanksgiving grub: 

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