Brace yourselves, festival season is coming. Get all your need-to-know information on the 2017 music festivals across Iowa and start marking your calendars with this one-stop Juice guide on music festivals. Now, a look at what's going on in Des Moines ...   

Sweet tooth alert. 

Craving a winter ice cream fix? Looking to snag a doughnut at 2 a.m.? Take an in-depth look at six new places across the metro that are ready to satisfy your sweet tooth. Spoiler: Cupcakes are involved.

Beer, beer everywhere. 

There are an estimated 73 breweries serving hand-crafted beers across Iowa ... and at least a dozen more plan to open in 2017. Get the scoop on when each new brewery plans to open doors here.

Happy hour highlight: 

Here's how you could spend your weekend:

  • Starting Friday: The Des Moines Metro Opera launches the production of rock-infused opera "Soldier Songs" at Camp Dodge. Find out more by reading the Juice preview of the event
  • Starting Friday: A production of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel "The Great Gatsby" hits the Des Moines Playhouse stage. Find out more at
  • Friday: Touring Christian music concert Winter Jam returns to Wells Fargo Arena. Find out more here
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