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4 reasons why barcades are the best

Put down the controller and step away from the XBOX 360. The barcade is calling. And here's why a visit will be totally worth it.

1. Nostalgia. Take a trip back to the simpler times … yes, one without COD and WOW. I'm talking the '90s (or '80s). You know, those slap bracelet-wearing days of grape soda and Super Mario on Nintendo. Here, every day is Throwback Thursday. Pong players and pinball wizards alike can chill and game over a few cold ones. Choose from vintage classics like Donkey Kong and Ms Pacman or indulge in a round of skee ball or giant Jenga. What's not to love?

2. No awkward encounters. Barcades are filled with fun distractions, so the chances of getting caught up in a boring or forced conversation are pretty slim. This also makes barcades a great spot for nervous first dates or for friending new acquaintances. Plus, I feel you can tell a lot about a person's personality by their game of choice.

3. Change of pace. Because sometimes you need a break from the bar scene, but still want to socialize, and still want to drink. No need to worry about dancing drunks or the belligerent crowd from Court cramping your style. And rarely will it take long to get yourself a drink. If you do choose to go hard, I recommend kicking off your night early — on a chill note at the barcade.

4. Lana-approved. "Open up a beer. And you say, 'Get over here. And play a video game.' " If Lana Del Ray writes a song about it, you know it's cool. I can't make these things up.

CON: Why barcades are the worst.