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Why I hate barcades

Imagine with me: You're in a bar.

You're surrounded by countless arcade games, pinball machines, life-sized Jenga and Connect 4 pieces and a giant video screen projecting the play-by-play of various "Mario" games.

So, it's really noisy. Now, add the (loud) conversations of a bunch of (drunk) 20- and 30-somethings.

Really pack in the young people, so it's crowded and hot. Now, add spilled beer to the floor.

Yep, it's also sticky.

To me, this is a barcade and — if it wasn't obvious — I am not a fan.

PRO: Why barcades are the best

Why do so many people love barcades?

I feel as though said barcade lovers are thinking, "Oh, this will be great! I'll be able to chat and when the conversation slows, I'll just play a game."

It never works out like that. You can't keep up a tete-a-tete if your tete is looking at the bright lights of pinball. It's the same with cellphones: When you pause to look at your phone, you disconnect from the people around you — even if it's just for a couple of seconds.

But, Courtney, you're saying, don't you want to feel like a kid again? Play games that remind you of childhood?

Nah, I'll pass. I have enough photo albums, deep-seeded memories and dog-eared copies of much-loved books to keep well enough in touch with my younger self.

When I go out for drinks, I want to be fully engaged with my older self. I work a lot, as most YPs do, and I want to catch up and decompress with friends without the shrill ring of arcade games and the even shriller shrieks of the winners of said games.

Have fun, though. Get all those nostalgic needs out and come over when you're done.

I'll have a bottle of wine chilling.