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Pella resident getting radio exposure in the UK

You’re probably going to be hearing more about a young musician called Trevor Sensor soon. On Monday night BBC Radio 1 played the song “Reaper Man” by the Pella resident. Sensor’s been playing open mic nights in Pella and at places like the Gas Lamp.

BBC Radio 1 is kind of like Iowa Public Radio’s Studio One program, but broadcasts to the entire United Kingdom. A song played on BBC Radio 1 has the potential to reach a large percentage of the country. On Monday night Sensor’s song was mixed in with tracks by Leon Bridges, The Vaccines, Prodigy and Kendrick Lamar.

Check out this link and skip ahead to one hour and 54 minutes into the show to hear Sensor’s song “Reaper Man.” Sensor’s voice is very distinctive, somewhere between Daniel Johnston and Tom Waits with a dash of Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeff Mangun mixed in. Host Huw Stephens doesn’t provide a lot of info on Sensor, other than saying he’s 21 and from Illinois (he’s from Sterling, Il., but is living in Pella). Sensor doesn’t have much of a web presence at the moment, though he does regularly write for the Brooklyn website Alt Citizen and you can follow him on Twitter.