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Break out of a breakfast routine with Brunchpocalypse

More than any other meal of the day, breakfast seems burdened by routine.

At home, most people rotate through a few morning standards. Even at restaurants, a menu loaded with omelettes, pancakes and Belgian waffles is preordained.

Really, breakfast is sort of the McDonald's of meals: No matter where you go, it'll basically taste like the last place you went.

Enter Brunchpocalypse.

The breakfast menu at the popular Tacopocalypse, Brunchpocalypse is a creative mix of Korean, Mexican and American flavors with a dash of whatever rainbow-unicorn-crazy-outrageous idea came to owner Sam Auen that week.

I recommend starting with either chips and queso or chips and salsa. (Pro-tip: Ask if they have guacamole and if they do, get that.) Not only are Tacopocalypse's chips delicious, but no matter what savory dish you get, there will be sauces to lap up – doing so with chips is way classier than doing so with fingers.

In general, I prefer savory for breakfast. My favorite Brunchpocalypse item is the Breakfast Thing, which, according to the menu, is a "farmer's market classic." It's essentially a taco with eggs and your choice of filling, but instead of a plain tortilla, the filling is encased in a quesadilla. Anytime there's a quesadilla where a regular tortilla should be, sign me up.

A must-try for meat eaters is the ICBINBB (I Can't Believe It's Not Breakfast Burrito), a gravy-smothered flour tortilla stuffed with eggs, Chihuahua cheese, bacon chorizo and poblano potatoes. The burrito is so hefty it comes with a knife (which is also helpful if you want to scrape up every last morsel).

The menu includes a vegetarian version of this burrito that swaps the bacon chorizo for Tacopocalypse's spicy vegan chorizo and trades the homemade sausage gravy for the shop's regular, oh-so-smooth queso.

The breakfast bahn mi provides the tidiest Brunchpocalypse meal. Served on a French roll, the sandwich combines Korean beef, kimchi and a fried egg. It's like Auen deconstructed a steak and egg sandwich, rolled the pieces in his favorite Asian flavors, added his touch of culinary mad science and put it back together into something that looks nothing like a steak and egg sandwich.

My favorite part of Brunchpocalypse is the customization. Almost every item allows for the diner to choose the topping, and with a plentiful selection of uniquely flavored meats and at least four veggie options — all of which are delicious — you can truly have it your way.

If you have a sweet tooth, don't worry: Bruchpocalypse's menu has a French toast waffle served with honey butter and cinnamon syrup and a Nutella stuffed waffle, a waffle brimming with Nutella cream and covered in chocolate chips. Yes, it's literally everything your five-year-old self ever wanted. (Order it when Mom's not around.)

The only thing missing from Brunchpocalypse is alcohol. I am not too proud to admit that 1) I've selected brunch spots based on their cocktail choices and 2) I'm a firm believer in the power of a spicy bloody mary to start a week right.

The powerhouse menu at Brunchpocalypse is enough to make me go back (and back and back), but if they added some morning drinks, I'd be there so much they'd have to name a booth after me.

If you go....

Find it: 407 East 5th Street

Hours: 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Sunday