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5 places to have a bachelor party bar crawl

Sometimes one place to celebrate isn't enough. Important milestones — like a bachelor or bachelorette party or a birthday — require more sustained fun. That means it's time to create a party crawl, hitting a number of spots in one day. Sure, you could just hop from bar to bar, but it's more interesting to mix it up with a variety of activities. Intersperse your crawl with games, classes and sporting events for a memorable moving party no one will soon forget.


5 places to have a birthday bar crawl

Bachelor Crawl

The Brewhouse No. 25

—Kick off a night of fun with a beer or two at The Brewhouse in Altoona, a large bar with lots of TVs and a great selection of craft beer. And of course there's the patio.

Info: Brewhouse No. 25, 805 17th Ave. S.W., Altoona, 515-957-8714,

Prairie Meadows—Keep the fun going by heading to Prairie Meadows for some gaming. Whether your crowd is interested in slots, blackjack, poker or even betting on the ponies, you'll find plenty to keep them occupied. Live horse racing takes place most Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays April through October.

Info: Prairie Meadows, 1 Prairie Meadows Dr., Altoona, 515-967-1000,

Ricochet—This East Village rec lounge harkens back to simple times when 'key clubs' were a thing in Des Moines, offering members a place to hang out and enjoy their contemporaries. The 21st century's Ricochet is a great place to blow off some steam with games before hitting the bars. The spot is BYOB, so plan ahead if you want to bring some drink options. There is a $10 per person entry fee, or monthly memberships are $35. It's a laid-back spot to hang with friends and play all sorts of games.

Info: Ricochet, 502 E. Locust St., Des Moines, 515-207-5220,

Up-Down—Located in the bottom level of the building next door to Ricochet, Up-Down offers retro arcade and video games, plus skee ball, over-size Jenga and the largest game of Connect Four you've ever seen. Games are just 25 cents, so fill your pockets with quarters (or buy a bunch of tokens) and start playing. A crowd favorite is the large screen where teams of four can play games like Nintendo's Mario Kart – if you haven't partaken before, it can get a little rowdy.

Info: Up-Down, 500 E. Locust St., Des Moines, 515-243-4322,

Joker's—End your night at Joker's, a nightclub with high-energy dance music to keep you going into the wee hours. The dance floor is flooded with colorful lights and revelers moving to the sounds of a DJ –Joker's often features guest DJs from around the country spinning records over an amped up world class sound system.

Info: Jokers, 216 Court Ave., Des Moines, 515-237-5427,