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Festival Fashion: Do's & Don'ts

Meet Sarah Beals

Sarah Beals is the designer behind Rock N Reconstruct since its beginning in 2005. She taught herself to sew and had no experience in the fashion industry. Rock N Reconstruct was born from her love for vintage clothing and an opportunity to sell in an LA boutique — where it all began. Sarah has evolved her line from reconstructed vintage to a more tailored and reorderable line called Dame & Maiden. Although she will always love to rip up a vintage dress or T-shirt and make it into something new, she loves designing the more cohesive collections you see today.

Sarah's Festival Do's

1. Do choose footwear that is broken in and tried and true, such as vintage boots, high top Chucks or Vans. These styles will also protect your feet in the crowds during the shows!

2. Do bring a vintage scarf in your bag, so many uses in the elements! It's good to have one on hand. You can tie it around your hair if it's windy. Soak in ice water and tie it around your neck if it's a scorcher to cool you down, or simply sit on it between shows so you don't get your outfit dirty!

Sarah's Festival Don'ts

1. Don't choose too many cliche "festival" fashion items to wear in one look. You don't want to go overboard — pick a favorite festival piece and style around it. You should look fashionable, yet effortless.

2. Don't dress exactly like your best friend. You shouldn't afraid to rock your own look as simple or crazy as it may be.