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Farmers' Market Find: Breakfast Delights

Heading to downtown for my first farmers' market of the season, I had one goal in mind: find the best breakfast.

And I did with Breakfast Delights' cinnamon apple-nut French toast ($5) and coffee ($1).

Located on the southwest corner of the market's east end, this vendor caught my eye with tantalizing smells of breakfast and a handful of eye-catching pink signs. Though the line was long — as most are on beautiful mornings at the markets — the food and drink were well worth the wait.

Here's the scoop:

Cinnamon apple-nut French toast ($5):

Served cut into pieces on a paper tray, the toast comes off aesthetically more like Fresh toast "bites," opposed to large slices of bread. A smart move, helping maximize the ability to munch and walk through the thick crowd.

I optioned to add strawberries and powdered sugar, though adding whip cream or meat is also an option. Adding fruit was a great call — it created a cool, crisp juxtaposition to the warm, gooey toast.

And that's the best way to describe the toast: it's warm, gooey, and downright addictive. I couldn't put my fork down until every bite was devoured. The apple-nut bread adds sporadic crunches and, after being cooked and doused in powdered sugar, the toast could easily be eaten without syrup and still satisfy a sweet tooth.

It's a top-of-the-line breakfast choice at this year's farmers' market.

Coffee ($1):

Now, coffee doesn't seem like that "elegant" of a choice for a drink during the farmer's market, right? This may be true, but anyone who's been to the market knows that the coffee lines are some of the most intense on all of Court Ave., so I had to seize my opportunity to grab a cup.

It's a safe bet to go with any breakfast — and I found my cup to be especially complimentary to the overall sweetness of the food. I'd highly suggest picking up a cup with your next French toast — I will be every time I go back to Breakfast Delight.

Breakfast Delights

Find it: 300 Court Ave.

Hours: 7 a.m. to noon, Saturdays