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WDM Explained ... In Rejected Raygun Ideas

Raygun recently released a limited edition t-shirt for West Des Moines-ers that read "Ain't No Party Like A West Des Moines Party." Not too shabby, considering West Glen is one of the top party spots in town.

Unfortunately, for west siders, that might be as good as it gets. (Well, for now, at least.) Along with the limited edition t-shirt, Raygun also revealed the numerous ideas they rejected. And man, are they a piece.

The worst on the list?

West Des Moines: We're Next to Another City … guess which one, and which direction!

#thestruggleisreal, right? We must admit, though, there were a few that caught our eye. (Yes, in a good way.)

Here are our favorites:

West Des Moines: It Ain't East Des Moines, That's for Sure!

West Des Moines: It's a Mall World After All.

West Des Moines: If You Hit Omaha, You've Gone Too Far.

West Des Moines: Nice Try, Ankeny.

West Des Moines: Even the Shitty Part of the City is Still Pretty Good.

Check out the full list here to pick and choose your faves: