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Throwback: Fashion 2005 vs. 2015



Super straight hair. Turn on your straighteners or be reprimanded for that one natural strand.

Low-rise ruffled skirt. Note: Paris Hilton. Strappy high heels let those legs go for miles.

Velour jumpsuits.  Because sweatpants are all that fit us right now. Bonus points if it was PINK and sprayed in Love Spell.

Low-rise flared jeans. Hope you had one of those stretchy, glittery belts to keep those bad boys up, cause you know they showed crack like every five minutes.

Slip on shoes. We’re talking checkered Vans, UGGs and those those sequined ballerina slippers that made your feet stink. (Don’t act like it’s a secret.)


High-waisted skinny jeans. Modest is hottest, people, and apparently that means sporting mom jeans. Don’t deny it: the nineties are back.

Long, high-waisted skirt.  The twirlier, the better. Go for stripes or a bold pop of color, because if you’re not making a statement, what’s the point?

Rompers and overalls.  Whoever thought overalls were out is seriously mistaken. Rompers are having a moment, too, and we’re loving it.

Lacey shoes.  Think clunky combat boots and super strappy sandals. Yeah, they take awhile to put on, but they’re so worth it.

“I woke up like this” hair.  Put the brush down — a disheveled head of hair is so hot right now.



Popped collars. Preferably in pink. Because if you’re gonna pop it, you better pop it like it’s hot.

Graphic tees. Like the ones from Hot Topic with the skulls and stuff. Anything to match your emo mood. Go listen to My Chemical Romance already.

Flip it hair. You thought side-swept bangs were just for girls? Think again. These twitch-inducing hairstyles were totally a thing. (Hello, Zac Efron!)

Fedoras.  JT wore one. Fall Out Boy singer wore one. Even Snoop Dogg. You get the picture.

Short-sleeve button-down. Remember those O.C. boys Ryan and Seth? Yeah, they made these nice guy shirts look B.A.


Bow ties and skinny ties. If you’re not looking GQ cover-worthy, you’re not doing it right.

Plain V-necks. Girls aren’t the only basic B's around. And yes, we can tell if you shave your chest.

Man buns. It’s OK if your guy has longer hair than you do. Because these things are sexy and (hopefully) here to stay. Beard, too? Oh, baby!

Cuffed sleeves. There’s just something about them. And I think you know what it is.

Flat bills. Apparently, these hats are still a thing. But please, we can’t all be ballers.