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Inspired by space, Big Hair Ball 2015 presented by the Des Moines Art Center's Art Noir features a lineup of starry-eyed surprises. From zodiac 'dos to alien queen fashion, these are looks you'll love to the moon and back. Here's a sneak peek at a few to hit this year's runway, plus meet the stylists behind the eye-popping creations.

Hailey Wengert, 19, Alli Carpenter, 19, and Jasmine Dirks, 19

City: West Des Moines

Salon: Aveda Institute

School: Aveda Institute

Style Name: '80s

Inspiration for this look:

"BIG", Madonna, '80s Barbie and Jem.

If you could be a part of any fashion show, it would be:

Hailey: NYFW

Alli: Atmosphere

Jasmine: America's Next Top Model

Go-to makeup or hair routine:

Alli: Eyebrows are always a must.

Jasmine: Eyeliner, mascara and natural waves.

Fave hangout in DSM:

Hailey: Valley Junction.

Alli: Downtown.

What does DSM have to offer to the fashion world:

Hailey: We take things from the coasts and make it easier to wear everyday.

MirandaJo Reid, 21

City: Des Moines

Salon: Blondies by T. Harris

School: Aveda in DSM

Style Name: Ecliptic Infusion

Inspiration for this look:

The zodiac signs. We all follow our horoscopes at Blondies and are super connected to them.

If you could style anyone, it would be:

If she was still alive, Amy Winehouse.

Worst trend in hair history:

The '90s slicked back look with two faux bangs.

What does DSM have to offer to the fashion world:

A fresh look. DSM's organic. It doesn't get a lot of cred, but we have a lot of creative individuals here.

Weirdest hair request from a client:

A client would come every two weeks and ask for a mullet.

Chanda Jones, 39

City: Des Moines

Salon: Bombshell Betty's

School: Iowa School of Beauty

Style Name: Alien Queen

If you could be a stylist for anyone, it would be:

Lady Gaga

Three essentials every woman should have:

Really good shampoo and conditioner, a great piece of jewelry and a round brush.

Clients talk to you most about:

They ask me the easiest way to recreate a look at home.

What do you think DSM has to offer to the fashion world?

There's a lot more local designers as well as salons bringing bigger city vibe into the Iowa Nice community.

Weirdest hair request from a client:

A bowl cut.

Megan Passage, 27 and Cory Wingardener, 24

City:Johnston and Des Moines


School:both PCI

Style Name:Extravagant Glamour

If you could be a part of any fashion show, it would be:

Cory: NYFW

Three essentials every woman / man should have:

Megan: Dry shampoo, curling iron and mascara.

Cory: Moisturizer, concealer and leave-in conditioner.

Worst trend in hair history:

Megan: The perm.

Favorite drink in DSM:

Cory: Americana's Elderberry Fritz.

Stylists, the therapists of the fashion world:

Megan: Absolutely!

Amanda Marie, 36

City: Des Moines

Salon: HM Salon Suites, Studio 15 in Urbandale

School: PCI

Style Name: Space Couture

Time it took to create this look:

A month. The base is actually made out of a lampshade and I built from there.

Clients talk to you most about:

Being in a studio environment, I can talk with them about anything. We also watch videos of Big Hair Ball 2013.

Favorite DSM hangout:

Des Moines Social Club doing aerial.

What does DSM have to offer to the fashion world:

We are an art capital — not a fashion capital. But we have some amazing local talent.

Weirdest hair request from a client:

A rat tail.

Big Hair Ball 2015: A Big Hair Blowout

When: 8 p.m.-midnight, Saturday, Aug. 15

Where: Des Moines Arts Center

Price: $60 (general admission), $85 VIP

Dress: Go all out — space-wear encouraged!

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