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10 thoughts (I shouldn’t be thinking) during yoga

If you’ve ever practiced yoga, you know that each pose presents it’s own challenges. Some require strength, while others call for flexibility or balance. However, sometimes the most difficult part of a yoga practice aren’t the asanas at all — it’s staying focused.

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Somewhere between all those chaturangas and (finally!) nailing crow pose, it is all too easy for a yogi like myself to lose that focus. Despite my best efforts to stay present, here are a few thoughts that have found their way into my practice:

1. That lady’s yoga pants are totally see-through. Hold on. Are my yoga pants see-through!? Good thing I’m in the back row.

2. My mind is clear. I am thinking about nothing. Or am I thinking about thinking about nothing? Ugh. Now I’m thinking again!

3. Abs in. Hips squared. Lengthen the side bodies. Now twist — what? This is physically not possible.

4. Wow. I have never sweated so much in my life. Even the tops of my toes are sweating.

5. Did I lock the door? Focus. What should I eat for lunch? Focus! Oh, I really like this song! This is hopeless.

6. Who decided downward facing dog was a resting posture? Child’s pose — now that’s a resting posture.

7. I hope the teacher doesn’t notice how bad my toes look when she adjusts me. Remember to schedule a pedicure.

8. Breathe in. Breathe out … Damn it! I forgot to breathe again. When did breathing get so hard?

9. I’ve probably burned at least 500 calories, right? Definitely getting fro-yo after this. With gummy bears. And chocolate syrup.

10. Please say savasana, please say savasana, please say savasana. Ahhhh – savasana.