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Review: Sir Mix-A-Lot springs stuffed show on Iowa State Fair

Quick, name a Sir Mix-A-Lot song.

99.99 percent of people just had the classic ode d' derrière "Baby Got Back" come to mind. A smaller percentage went for "Posse on Broadway." If a third song came to mind, there's a good chance you're part of Mix's posse.

But his one (or two) hit wonder status is no reason to write the Seattle rapper off. The man's MC skills put most of his contemporaries to shame, and Thursday night he put those skills into action at the Iowa State Fair in front of a packed crowd at the MidAmerican Energy Stage.

Mix took the stage to "Buckin' My Horse," showing off his vocal speed early in the set, changing references to the west side and east side to "West Des Moines" and "Des Moines."

"I know you didn't show up to hear bootlegs and b-sides," Mix told the crowd early in the set. "I can take it, you came for the old school."

With that, Mix donned a huge gold chain, breaking into 1990's "My Hooptie."

Next, Mix-A-Lot said he was going to try to tell a story without resorting to foul language. He was somewhat successful. He started off saying he had not been able to get a hotel in Des Moines, resorting to a stay in Council Bluffs. There he caught a show on MTV or VH1 where a talking head had called him "The ultimate one-hit wonder."

The story ended with Mix tweeting a photo of his undercarriage to the person. That's a euphemism, not part of a hooptie.

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Long story short, Mix wanted them to remember "Posse on Broadway," which he performed next.

He also broke out "Swass," a song that was later remade by the Pussycat Dolls in "Don't Cha." Nicki Minaj wasn't the first one to mine an old Sir Mix-A-Lot song for a hit.

Mix also told a story about what he called SRS, which cleans up roughly as "Stupid Rapper S(tuff)." After getting a check for more than $300,000, he bought a Lamborghini instead of a more sensible purchase. But he got a song out of it. "Testarossa."

He asked the crowd who had seen "Straight Outta Compton," pointing out that he had been on NWA's first tour. Then he gave younger people in the audience a lesson in outdated technology of the drug trade: pay phones and beepers before performing "Beepers."

Then there was a song Mix described as his first ballad, talking it up as a change of pace for him, before launching into "Put 'Em On The Glass," a song that is to breasts as "Baby Got Back" is to butts.

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While his sidekicks Rush and Outta Sight performed a song on their own, Mix walked the edge of the stage, picking out around a dozen women from the audience to join him for the next song.

"I know what you're that thinking, but we're not gonna do that song tonight," Mix told the crowd. The DJ started playing a song, then quickly switched to the familiar opening of "Baby Got Back."

"Them pork chops on a stick is working, baby," Mix said. "These Iowa girls got some ass."

As the song wound up, Mix basically invited the entire crowd up on stage. Only a few dozen could fit, but it turned a concert into a party.

"I can see why politicians come here, this is America, baby!" Mix yelled.

Even Iowa's got to shout.