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10 love songs by Iowa acts for your wedding playlist

If you go to a lot of weddings, you start to hear the same songs over and over again. “Maybe I’m Amazed” for the 14th time? How original.

There are plenty of great songs by Iowa musicians that deserve to be on your wedding playlist. Here’s an assortment that will save your guests from having to hear “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” again.

“Clouds” — Annalibera

“Marry Ya” — The Maytags

“Say You’ll Haunt Me” — Stone Sour

“Joseph (Lost Boy No More)” — Brother Trucker

“I Am a Lake” — The River Monks

“Stay With You” — Parlours

“Grow Up and Marry Your Best Friend” — The Poison Control Center

“Spring Wind” — Greg Brown

“Do You Believe in Angels” — Lesbian Poetry

“Till There Was You” — “The Music Man” (written by Iowan Meredith Willson)