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Street style: Emily Griggs, 34


Bartender at Coda Lounge in the Renaissance Savery Hotel


Downtown Des Moines

Where do you find style inspiration?

Currently my style is dictated by my lifestyle which is work/school/yoga…you’ll usually catch me in some iteration of a yoga outfit.

What's the one thing you can't leave the house without?

My iPhone (and Bluetooth headphones).

Do you have a celebrity girl crush?

I have tons! Beyonce and Ronda Rousey are top of mind.

If you didn't live in DSM, where would you most likely be? Why?

Hopefully this time next year I’ll be living in Claremont, California pursuing my masters in Positive Psychology.

On a scale of 1-10 how fashionable would you rate DSM? Why?

I’ll give it a 7. Des Moines is def on the come up, but fashion is still not a core value for most Midwest folks.

What are you most excited for this fall?

Foliage, fire pits and flannels!

What's your favorite place to eat in the Des Moines area?

I love RoCA! I usually treat myself to a couple of cocktails, a small plate and a dessert… and they never disappoint.

Describe your personality in 3 words.

I consider myself a “Glohemian” a shining, free spirit.