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10 people you will meet at a concert

Ever been to a concert?

Surely you'll recognize these faces in the crowd. Let us know if we missed any!

The Drunk Guy

He’s big, burly and drunk. If it’s an outdoor concert, you can bet he’s drenched in sweat. He’s also simultaneously dancing and spilling his drink.

The Older Guy

He’s there by himself, probably dressed in tie-dye and might be sporting a really long white beard. He’s all smiles and good vibes, but he also might be homeless.

The Guy Who’s Way Too Into It

He really loves the band. He’s front row, decked out in merch, and talk-singing every single lyric. Sometimes he puts up a fist and shakes his head with the music, he sees this as a sign of respect to the band.

The Day One Girl

She was a fan when the band put out their first EP with an indie label, and she won’t let you forget it. She probably has an ~*alternative*~ hairstyle and she absolutely despises The Basic Girls.

The Basic Girls

These ladies only know the band from their one radio hit and wait the entire concert for it. When they hear it they get obnoxiously excited and drunkenly sing along wayyy too loud.

The Bros

These lads are The Basic Girls' counterparts, and odds are they came together. They hang back in their boat shoes, chugging beers. When they start feeling the music, they hold their beer up and do that special bro dance; you know the one.

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The Plus One

This person is only here because their significant other guilt tripped them into coming. They got into a fight on the way to the show and now they’re not speaking; the tension is palpable.

The Parents

These poor souls wouldn’t let their preteen go to the Tech N9ne concert at the Val Air Ballroom with their friends, so decided to chaperone. By the deer in the headlights look, they had no idea what they were getting into.

The Complainer

This gem came by choice and is now pissed about everything. It’s too hot, they’re miffed at the cash only bar, don’t understand why the bathroom line is so long, and want everyone to sit down so they can see.

The Smartphone Obsessed

This savant is taking photos and videos the entire concert- 50 rows back. The resulting blurry and poorly filtered Instagram photo will only get 2 likes.


The perfect concertgoer; you came to have fun. You got money at an ATM beforehand and snuck in a flask. Most importantly, you know the polite way to move to the front of the stage.