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Wait, did Des Moines just become fashionable?

Cullen Powers of Four Eyes Foto and Sarah Beals of clothing lines Dame & Maiden and Rock N Reconstruct collaborated to create the first drone fashion show filmed aerially on landmarks in the city that inspires the designs. And man, is it on point.

The styles are bold, the models are moody and we can't help but wonder: Did Des Moines just become fashionable?

Our golden state has often been poked fun at for its sense of style (or lack thereof). Like when The Onion released an article about our so-called "Iowa Fashion Week" back in 2013, noting the week was a chance to "show off the hottest new Iowa looks—from long johns to windbreakers to hooded sweatshirts."

Um, what?

Clearly, they didn't know what these local designers were cooking up.

Designers include:

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