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22 signs you’re a beer snob

You know who you are.

1. You have a big a$$ beard, or some other notable form of facial hair.

2. You’re all about the hops.

3. Your beer costs $9 each.

4. You make the bartender bring you several samples of beer before deciding on one.

5. You refuse to drink domestic beer, and if it’s the only option you choose to not drink at all.

6. If there’s a complimentary domestic beer at an event, you decide to pay for a different beer instead.

7. You always BYOB to a party, even when you know the host is providing beer, just in case.

8. You’re down to drink anything labeled “craft beer.”

9. You live for seasonal and limited-run beers.

10. You commonly ask “What do you have that’s local?”

11. You know way too much about the brew process, and explain it to everyone at the bar at any given opportunity.

12. Your favorite holiday is Oktoberfest.

13. You’ve been to a golden keg tapping at a brewery.

14. You wear a beanie or some other type of fancy hat. Maybe you even wear a ponytail.

15. You require a pint glass for your beer, drinking out of the bottle is out the question.

16. Every beer you drink has at least a four-syllable name.

17. Every beer you drink has at least an 6% alcohol content.

18. You sniff a beer before you drink it.

19. You spend at least 5 minutes discussing the different notes and flavors of your beer.

20. The aftertaste is of the utmost importance.

21. You own a growler.

22. You’re forever asking “What’s on tap?”