Let’s be honest: There are a million epic moments at every Taylor concert. As for her 1989 stop in Des Moines on Thursday, we’ve narrowed it down to the top ten. You know, in case you missed the show. (Sorry.)

1. Enchanted x Wildest Dreams: When it comes to performing live, Taylor is queen of mashups. (If you haven’t heard it already, go listen to Back to December / Apologize / You’re Not Sorry right this minute.) This one combined two of her most romantic songs in one glittery, magical mix. Tears may have been shed.

2. Light-up dress: There were lots of fabulous get-ups -- above-the-knee boots, silky letter jackets -- but this one takes the cake. Worn during “How You Get The Girl,” the neon pink, two-piece dress lit the stage and paired perfectly with lit-up umbrellas and men swinging on floating street lights. Did we mention the dress turned green? Nbd.

3. Throwback: “Every concert, I play a different song based on the crowd,” said Taylor. For the 14,000 fans in Des Moines, she chose “You Belong with Me.” There were no dancing men, no flashy lights, no backups -- just Taylor strumming on her guitar. Perfection.

4. Trouble: If you thought this song couldn’t get more fierce, think again. This catwalk-filled version is what you want every breakup revenge song to be: complete with fog blasts and some emo hairography, of course.

5. The cats: Showing pre-made videos between outfit changes is kind of Taylor’s thing. This one introduced her secondary #squad -- her cats -- in a squirmy, humourous way that couldn’t help but make fans laugh.

6. Bad Blood: You knew this one was going to be good. Decked in her leather get-up, this performance played off the fiery music video in an epic way. She was climbing on warehouse-inspired props, was carried around by her dance crew, and proceeded to jam on her electric guitar.

7. We Are Never Getting Back Together: Like ever. Especially not after this rockstar performance. Deep, dark and so-not-bubbly, this electric guitar version made you feel like you we’re getting back at an ex right then and there. #hoesoverbros

8. Blind faith pep talk: No Taylor concert is complete without a little advice -- and we’re not just talking about her lyrics. The pop star offered this message to the crowd: “Never regret letting people in or having blind faith. Those things are beautiful.”

9. Shake It Off finale: Taylor never leaves without a flashy exit. Moving platforms and fireworks, included. She may have taken 10+ bows, but man were they well-deserved.

10. Her final message: “She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything.” Plain and simple, Swifties.

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