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15 under $50: DIY Halloween costumes

Fellow Juice staffer Ameena and I hit Valley Junction for the ultimate costume challenge: find 15 costumes under $50 each, all in one afternoon.

First stop: Atomic Garage. We strolled in and never came out. (Well, except to take these fun photos of course!) From acid-washed jeans and Mad Men-inspired dresses to go-go boots in every size, Atomic Garage is everything you wished your closet would be. We turned one-of-a-kind vintage pieces into DIY Halloween costumes.

Check it.

Saved By The Bell: Lisa Turtle and Kelly Kapowski

I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom 🙋🏼 #90s #diy #halloween

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90s Mom, $50

Atomic Garage finds: acid wash denim jeans ($15 rent) + pink puff sweater ($15 rent) + heart turtleneck ($8 buy) + mom shades ($12 buy)

Yo holmes to Bel Air!👌🏼 #freshprince #diy #halloween

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Fresh Prince of Bel Air, $42

Atomic Garage finds: stir-up abstract shapes leggings ($15 rent) + multi-color abstract jacket ($15 rent) + trucker hat ($12 buy)

On-hand items: black socks, leather boots

Chanel from Scream Queens, $40

Atomic Garage finds: pink box jacket ($20 rent) + pink tank sweater dress ($20 rent)

On-hand items: sparkly pink purse, nude heels

Daddy, I need $500 👸🏾 - Hilary Banks #halloween #diy

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Hilary Banks from Fresh Prince, $35

Atomic Garage finds: Miami Vice blue blazer ($15 rent) + black fedora ($10 buy) + gold purse ($10 rent)

On-hand items: black dress, black flats

Guess who? 💪🏼👀 #orangeisthenewblack #diy #halloween

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Orange Is the New Black

Crazy Eyes, $20

Atomic Garage find: orange jumpsuit ($20 rent)

Piper, $20

Atomic Garage find: orange-red jumpsuit ($20 rent)

Name's Cookie; ask about me ... ✨🍪 #empire #diy #halloween

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Cookie Lyon from Empire, $50

Atomic Garage find: leopard fur royal coat ($20 rent) + tiger stripe mini dress ($20 rent) + sparkle cheetah fedora ($10 buy)

On-hand items: black pumps, gold earrings, gold necklace

"Shake It Off" Taylor Swift, $37

Atomic Garage finds: gold leggings ($14 buy) + sequined gold jacket ($15 rent) + gold aviators ($8 buy)

Watch your back, Bart 💀 - Sideshow Bob 👀 #simpsons #diy #halloween

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Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons, $15

Atomic Garage finds: green collared shirt ($15 rent)

On-hand items: jeans, boots, fake knife

Peace, love and John Lennon ✌🏼️💗🎵 #hippie #diy #halloween

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Hippie Chick, $30

Atomic Garage finds: flower power go-go dress ($20 rent) + white go-go boots ($10 rent with outfit)

On-hand items: vintage shades

Where my Mickey at? ❤️ #minnie #diy #halloween

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Minnie Mouse, $20

Atomic Garage finds: red polka dot dress

On-hand items: mouse ears, old tap shoes

Elsa from Frozen, $20

Atomic Garage finds: baby blue maxi ($20 rent)

On-hand items: nude heels

It's close to midnight ... 👣 #MJ #michaeljackson #thriller #diy #halloween

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Michael Jackson, $27

Atomic Garage finds: red leather zipper jacket ($15 rent) + silver gloves ($12 buy)

On-hand items: jeans, socks, black flats

Saved By The Bell

Lisa Turtle, $35

Atomic Garage finds: leather iced white jacket ($20 rent) + magenta abstract 80s LSV ($15 rent)

On-hand items: coral dress, earrings, cheetah hair band

Kelly Kapowski, $45

Atomic Garage finds: acid wash skirt ($15 rent) + bedazzled acid denim cover-up ($15 rent) + numbered pink crop top ($15 rent)

On-hand items: white shades, purple pumps