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3 Des Moines soups that will make you glad it's cold out

Fall’s chill is officially here, making it the kickoff to soup season. This year, ditch the Campbell’s and head to one of Des Moines’ fine establishments. There are so many delicious soups on the menu but today we’re sharing our favorites. From hearty to spicy, these three super yummy soups will make you glad it’s cold outside.

Palmer’s Cheeseburger

As the days get cooler, few dishes satisfy like a hot bowl of soup. What satisfies even more is Palmer’s Cheeseburger soup. This hearty concoction is filled with gooey cheeses, ground beef, diced potatoes, chopped onion and the best part: pickles! It totally tastes like a cheeseburger, making it a comfort food you have to try. You’ll want to have leftovers — promise.

Location: 900 Mulberry St.

Price: $3.29 cup / $4.79 bowl

Centro’s Tomato, Basil & Tortellini

Centro’s Tomato, Basil & Tortellini soup beats all other tomato-based soups in Des Moines, hands down. It’s a rich, creamy tomato consistency, with fresh basil and large chunks of soft, chewy cheese raviolis. It’s a meal in and of itself, and pairs perfectly with their warm garlic focaccia bread.

Location: 1003 Locust St.

Price: $4.50 cup / $6.99 bowl

Malo’s Chicken Tortilla

Tortilla soups often taste bland, but not this one! Malo is doing something exceptionally right with their Chicken Tortilla soup. This creamy-broth style soup is filled with all of your favorites: chunks of juicy chicken, corn, black beans, garlic, spices, peppers and finished with a cheese blend and crispy fried tortilla strips. Buy the bowl, you won’t regret it.

Location: 900 Mulberry St.

Price: $3.99 cup / $6.99 bowl