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10 all-time favorite Juice covers

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to include the correct spelling of Sharika Soal. 

In case you haven't heard, Juice is going all-digital. And to commemorate ten years' worth of weekly issues hitting stands all over the metro, we picked out ten of our all-time favorite covers. Grab a box of tissues and let the nostalgia begin.


 St. Pat's Party Guide | March 14, 2012

Somebody get this girl a green beer, stat. From the confetti wig to those four leaf suspenders, there’s no way you could beat this girl's excitement for St. Pat's. We can picture her at Mickey’s now…


Feel Like Bacon Love | February 17, 2010

Because who wouldn’t want to go to bed with a greasy plate of goodness? Sure, there were many bacon issues along the years (we are Iowans, after all) but this one was by far the most sizzling.


Halloween Costumes | October 23, 2013

Who could forget Vodka Sam? (Well, besides herself.) This costume was one of the hottest of 2013, thanks to the stunt she pulled earlier that season. I mean, a BAC of .341? Dang girl, that’s probably higher than your GPA.


DMSC is Coming | April 30, 2014

You have to admit, the Des Moines Social Club has made quite the statement since they moved to the old firehouse on Mulberry. Not only do they throw the best NYE bashes, but more importantly, they’ve created a space for creatives to thrive.


The Tailgating Guide | September 11, 2013

Any cover with a Hayden Fry look-alike is a winner in our books. Also, can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact that Iowa totally one-ups ISU in terms of style at this tailgate? (Sorry, Cyclones.)


The Wedding Guide | September 2, 2015

You don’t need Fergie to tell you this cover is glamorous. Every year, we put out two wedding guides, and this one is by far our most sophisticated. The flower crown is just the cherry on top.


Here Comes Halloween | October 17, 2012

What do you get when you give a beer-bellied dude a dress, wig and a bottle of Mountain Dew? Honey Boo Boo, child. And there’s plenty more sass where that came from.

Big Hair Ball | May 29, 2013

Pretty sure this is the greatest white girl ‘fro that ever was. It’s no wonder we loved showing off the styles of the Art Center’s annual Big Hair Ball. I mean, ‘do they ever disappoint?


Ladysoal | July 10, 2013

Willow isn’t the only one who can whip her hair back and forth. We featured Sharika Soal aka ladysoal before an upcoming show at Wooly’s.


The Sex Issue | July 16, 2008

If you’re looking for an issue that went all the way, it’s this one. The cover story was based on a sex survey Juice put out (excuse the pun) and was taken by 4,345 readers, 71 percent of which were guys. The results? Too much to handle. Who knew we could be so risque?