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Zombie Burger adds wings to its East Village menu

Zombie Burger had a welcome surprise for hungry diners just in time for Friday's lunch hour: Instead of announcing a burger of the week, the East Village stalwart introduced a new addition to its menu.


Wait, wait, wait, that's worth repeating: Zombie Burger now has wings!

Diners will be able to select from eight different sauce flavors — Mild Buffalo, Spicy Buffalo, Sweet Heat BBQ, Carolina Mustard BBQ, Sweet Chili Sauce, Brown Sugar Rub, Chorizo Rub and Southside Ranch — said restaurant spokesman Chris Diebel.

"In addition to the traditional wing flavors, there are a few twists worth noting," Diebel said. "The 'Southside Ranch' is an ode to the creamy Parmesan dressing found at so many old-school Italian joints, (and) the 'Chorizo Rub' is the same top-secret spice blend used to make our house-sausage. We can’t tell you everything that’s in it, but some of the flavors that stand out are chipotle, oregano, cinnamon and clove."

The wings are cooked twice: First, they are "blanch fried" for 15 minutes and then they are fried a second time to order. In between their fry basket dips, the wings are "cooled fully overnight," which "dries out the skin (and) provides an extra crispy finished product," Diebel said.

And, yes, starting this summer, customers can look forward to a wing sauce of the week in addition to the popular burger of the week.

Looks like we'll have to get our Zombie Burger on twice a week now!