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He lost his dance partner in a car crash, now he needs your help

If you have attended the 80/35 music festival in the last two years, then you probably remember seeing Wanda Findley and John Kirsch, the patriotic dancing duo who showed up to the festival with their smiling faces and jazzy dance moves.

On April 23, Findley was killed, along with Peggy Rinehart, in a car accident on U.S. Highway 36 near Stewartsville, Missouri.

Kirsch's granddaughter Amanda Schlotterback has since set up a GoFundMe page to help her grandfather with his living expenses.

From the "John and Wanda" page:

It will be hard for him without her. He and Wanda were not married but they lived together as a married couple would. He will now be on his own and I am hoping to raise enough money for him to get his own place and make the transition a little easier for him in this very difficult time.

Here's an excerpt of when we caught up with them back in 2014 at 80/35: 

They twirled each other around and he lifted her up onto his back.

Then he laid down in the street while she danced over him.

It was a pretty impressive show, and concert goers stopped to take pictures with them afterwards. I went up to ask them a few questions.

They were Wanda Findley, 79, and John Kirsch, 76. They’ve been dancing together for about 10 years at places like Lake Robbins Ballroom and Miss Kitty’s.

Back when we found them again in 2015 at 80/35.

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