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Find out the weird happenings in Des Moines

As a breaking news reporter, MacKenzie Elmer spends the better part of her day listening to the police scanners and she sometimes shares the odd things she overhears.

#BestOfTheScanner aka comical nuggets of information that my colleague Elmer shares with the world on Twitter.

From machetes to disputes about dog poop, you get a little bit of everything from the #BestOfTheScanner hashtag.

I pulled some of my personal favorites and added a little bit of commentary.

He probably didn't get the job.

Don't you hate it when people come over to your house unannounced?

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

We've all been there.


Sometimes you just need a moment to yourself.


When keeping it real goes wrong.

People don't play about their cable, I see.