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The different types of text messages daughters get from their mothers

There's nothing more complex, beautiful and sometimes frustrating than the relationship that a daughter shares with her mother.

What's even more complex is how we choose to communicate with each other. While setting aside the time for a weekend brunch or phone call to catch up might be difficult to plan, the comforts of modern technology offer us quicker and convenient way to chitchat with loved ones, including Mom.

One method of choice is text messages. They are short, (sometimes) sweet and to the point.

With my mom living in our home state of Texas, our text messages consist of us sending each other well wishes during different holidays and updates of what she's up to. It's our main form of communication these days. I spoke to some other mothers and daughters about the types of conversations they have with each other via text.

Here's what they said:


Daughter: Ami Kordick of Norwalk, Iowa

Mother: Pam Parker of Linden, Iowa

Tell us about your relationship with your mother: I talk to my mom all the time, typically via text message. She's always there to lift me up, offer advice, share ideas with, listen to me vent, steer me in the right direction, or make me laugh! I love hearing from her daily, and always appreciate her commentary, however random it may be at times!


Daughter: Haley Austin of Des Moines

Mother: Barbara Austin of Chicago

Tell us about your relationship with your mother: I love that our relationship has grown from mother and daughter to friends. She is my biggest supporter and my confidant. We may be 4.5 hours apart, but I know she’d be by my side in a heartbeat if need be.


Daughter: Richelle Smith of West Des Moines

Mother: Jennifer Carlisle of Wall Lake

Tell us about your relationship with your mother: After years of hating my mom as a stubborn teenager, I have grown to love her as my best friend, travel buddy and partner in crime. What I love about her the most is no matter how my week is going, she always knows how to make me laugh.


Daughter: Emma Martz of Indianola

Mother: Jennifer Martz of Indianola

Tell us about your relationship with your mother: I love my mom's sense of humor! This text and picture is a great representation of our extremely sarcastic relationship!