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The one thing Des Moines does WAY better than New York City

The Iowa caucuses and the hordes of people it brought along with it are long gone, but people just can't stop talking about Iowa's capital city. And there's one thing that Amy Chozick, a New York Times political reporter covering Hillary Clinton, couldn't quite let go of.


Chozick took a break from reporting on the campaign trail to talk about the differences in yoga classes in New York vs. Des Moines. Here are a few of her comparisons as she reflects on how much she enjoyed Power Life Yoga in Des Moines. Eat your heart out, NYC.

Ambiance a.k.a. chill vibes 

"Yoga typically gives me anxiety. I wonder how long I have to stay in downward dog before I can check Twitter. But (Power Life) had a “power sculpt” class that took place in a heated room (a nice touch in Iowa in January) that incorporated heavy weights and...."

(WAIT FOR IT.....)

(WAIT FOR IT.....)

(WAIT FOR IT.....)


Because you can never go wrong with Beyonce. Iowans have good taste and it's a known fact you can make any good thing better with Beyonce.

A sense of community

"The Des Moines girls seemed perennially perky (despite the gloomy winter) and lifted my spirits even on the most stressful days. They knew I was using a first-week-free (yes, free!) promotion and wouldn’t be back after the February 1 caucuses, but they bothered to learn my name anyway and always said “hello.” (A nice change from the scowls I often encountered at Soul Cycle in New York.)"

We know how to bring out the best in people

"In my first class the instructor asked us to say hello to our neighbors and to share a memory of our favorite childhood toy. Having lived in New York for 15 years, I found this an odd, slightly irritating, request.But I soon realized the incredible healing power of thinking about Foofur, a straggly blue stuffed dog my grandmother bought me when I was 8, rather than the latest poll numbers."

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