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How dragons have sex, as told by a Des Moines biologist

Game of Thrones doesn't shy away from nudity and sex. Well, at least with humans.

Vice staff writer Mike Pearl has long been frustrated with the lack of dragon sex information on the show and decided to investigate the mating habits of these creatures.

From Vice:

So it's weird that the show has dragons... But frustratingly, all the dragon sex information ... so far has been filtered through the highly fallible historians he has invented, which cloaks all mention of dragon mating habits in contradictions and myth.

Pearl reached out to Sarah Werning, an evolutionary biologist at Des Moines University. Man, oh, man. We're experts in tenderloins, insurance and politics... but dragon sex? That's a new one.

Here's what we know about dragon sex, according to Werning's talk with Pearl, who is an expert in evolutionary biology. Pearl said that he assumed dragons are reptiles, which is why he tapped Pearl for her expertise in the topic and she even coined a new term during the interview.

Dragons are definitely bumping uglies to reproduce.

"So... All reptiles are internal fertilizers, which means they've got to get the sperm inside the females to hook up with the eggs. We definitely know that would be the case for dragons, because they've got a hard shell — of scales — on the outside of the eggs."

A male dragon's undercarriage probably looks like...

"Most reptiles have either a penis or a hemipenis, which is like a two-prong deal. We talked about that. Snakes have a two-headed penis, and lizards have that."

Wouldn't that placement make mating awkward?

"Birds kind of do it on the wing. They've got the "cloacal kiss" where they just position the cloacas [a multipurpose hole for excretion and reproduction] right next to each other and then the sperm just kind of comes out. Birds just kind of line up slot A next to slot B and shoot the sperm across and it's very fast... [It] certainly brings a possibility of all sorts of aerial acrobatics."

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