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A Dong. The jokes write themselves.

We wrote a post two years ago about how A Dong started up pretty much the best Twitter account in Des Moines.

It's not like other, bigger-named restaurants that try WAY TOO HARD to connect with their patrons on social media. (Looking at you, iHOP.)

A Dong's tweets have a quirky charm to them. Despite suffering a fire and being forced to close temporarily, the account keeps things fun and light-hearted. I mean, when your name is "A Dong," it's hard to take yourself too seriously. The jokes pretty much write themselves.

We caught up with Thai Luong, one of the guys running things behind the social accounts, for a Q&A (with his own GIFs — he likes to stay #onbrand).

Ameena: How long have you had the Twitter account and why did you start it up?


Or, you know, since March 2014.

It started as a lark — to give the restaurant some sort of social media presence. It’s a great way to keep people informed and thinking about us. We’re also on Facebook, so like us there for the occasional longer joke/informational post.

A: Who runs the Twitter account?


This handsome devil, @thailuong, with help from Tuan Phan

A: What’s been the reaction from the public? Do people interact with you a lot?


People seem to enjoy the puns and self-awareness!

There’s definitely a lot more interaction on the Facebook page. I always look at Twitter as more of a broadcast platform, and Facebook as more of the community platform. You definitely need to be on both platforms, and I prefer Twitter for how quick and effortless it is to throw something out into the ether.

A: What can we expect in the future from A Dong’s Twitter account?


More dope tweets. More inspiration. Possible DJ Khaled collabo (just kidding, he’s busy ripping doors off hinges.)

Here are some of our favorite tweets: