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This might be the best Field of Dreams parody yet

There was a little movie that came out back in 1989.

It had some Iowa ties. Maybe you've heard of it? It's called "Field of Dreams."

Throughout the movie Kevin Costner plays the role of a newbie farmer and ends up hearing echoes of the voice of his father. It's kind of a big deal.

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We've seen a few parodies in the last few years. Like this spoof done by Pepsi.

And you can't forget this Funny Or Die parody on the film in reference to an NFL lockout.

Now we've got a more local spin from Daytrotter.

It's a studio that hosts different recording sessions with various artists. The sessions are recorded live and then posted to the Daytrotter website and mobile app. It's all based in Davenport.

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Like the film, those are the whispers echoed throughout video as founder Sean Moeller stumbles through a cornfield looking a bit confused.

The whispers continue. Where the heck is that voice coming from?

And then...BOOM, here's a big guy jumping out from the bushes. What?

Well, what did they build? 

And where exactly is it in Davenport?

Ok, cool. See you there.

See the full video for yourself here.