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He lost his partner, but he still plans to dance at 80/35

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For those of you who have been to 80/35 in the last two years, then you probably remember John and Wanda. They were the couple decked out in stars and stripes as they danced around the festival.

On April 23, Wanda was killed in a car accident near Stewartsville, Mo. Even though John will be without his partner this year, he's not going to let that stop him from dancing. According to his granddaughter, he plans to be at 80/35.

We tried to reach out to him before the festival, but he wasn't available.

If you see John out, give him a hug or a high five — or maybe even ask him for a dance.

Here's an excerpt of when we caught up with the couple at 80/35 back in 2014: 

They twirled each other around and he lifted her up onto his back.

Then he laid down in the street while she danced over him.

It was a pretty impressive show, and concert goers stopped to take pictures with them afterwards. I went up to ask them a few questions.

They were Wanda Findley, 79, and John Kirsch, 76. They’ve been dancing together for about 10 years at places like Lake Robbins Ballroom and Miss Kitty’s.