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There's a Beyonce dance class in Des Moines and I'm already in formation

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We don't get too many high-profile performers, but the Des Moines Social Club is bringing a little Beyonce to the Hawkeye state with its "Inspired by Beyonce" adult dance workshop. Yvette Keyes, 42, of Des Moines is hosting what you could call this Beyonce dance party of sorts on July 15 from 8:30 to 10 p.m. The 7 p.m. workshop sold out this week, so you might want to hop on tickets sooner rather than later.

The class is accepting up to 40 people. Tickets are $20 and you can purchase them here.

So, what happens at this Beyonce shindig?

Well, there will probably be some flipping.

And maybe a slight twerk.

But don't get intimidated! "It's a fun class that's made for everyday people, said Keyes. "You don't have to have any prior dance ability."

Keyes refers to Beyonce as her "spirit animal" and wants to help her attendees release their inner Sasha Fierce.

"I especially gear my classes toward women because we have so many hats and responsiblities that we forget our inner feminine essence," she said. "When you celebrate who you are, that's a beautiful thing. I put that into all of my classes."

"If we connect with that we can do great things."

Now with so many hits from the star singer, here's what we can expect in an hour and 30 minutes.




If you're not able to make it to this one, that's OK. Keyes mentioned that she just scheduled another dance workshop at the Social Club for Sept. 23. Tickets aren't available just yet, so keep your eyes glued to the Social Club's website for that announcement.