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Grandma wants to turn 100 with Toby Keith

Elda Woodroffe is 99 years old. She turns 100 on Sept. 24.

And she absolutely loves Toby Keith. The Denmark native has even teamed up with her daughter, Anita Woodroffe, for road trips to see him live in St. Louis (twice), Chicago and Moline.

Keith doesn't have any Iowa tour dates for his "Interstates & Tailgates Tour" and the last time he played in Des Moines was at the Iowa State Fair in 2013.

She has all of his CDs and five-year-old calendar that she still hangs on the wall. She keeps flipping through it month after month to see that handsome face of his.

Her daughter Anita has tried to get her passes to attend a meet and greet, but she's had no luck.

So Elda's family has take to social media to help speed up the process. #GrandmaLovesToby

So what is it about Toby that's made her such a big fan?

"I think it's because he's pro-veteran," her daughter Anita said. "Her brothers were in World War II. Also the fact that he's tall and big-boned."

(Grandma might have a little crush.)

"She's gotta be one of the oldest fans that he has."