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A funnel cake shake is coming to Zombie Burger

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Every year around this time, Zombie Burger never fails us.

Known for its odd burger and milkshake concoctions, the burger joint puts together a special menu for the Iowa State Fair.

Usually ZB prepares a full menu of items for each day of the State Fair, but this year we're getting two.

They're available from Thursday through the last day of the fair, Aug. 21. Here they are!

Funnel Cake Shake

A shake that includes vanilla ice cream, funnel cake pieces, white cake batter and strawberry puree.

Price: $5 or $8 for one spiked with vanilla vodka.

The Carny

A corn dog-topped burger with American cheese, ketchup and mustard.

Price: $9.49 (single), $11.49 (double), $12.49 (triple).

What do you think of Zombie Burger's fair-esque menu items? How do they compare to foods from last year (pictured below)?

Some of last year's most festive ZB fair foods included:

Funnel cake tacos: a funnel cake tortilla filled with caramel ice cream, bacon and caramel-apple slaw.

Cinnamon Toast Crunchpuppies: Cinnamon Toast Crunch fritters served with Rumchata and coffee dip.

Fried lasagna bites: breaded and fried and served with marinara and ricotta cheese sauces.

Even Gateway Market is getting in on the fun with its own take on fair food.

More Iowa State Fair food: