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Dan Tedesco performed at the Iowa State Capitol and it got hot (literally)

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For the second installment of Side Sessions, Juice presents: Dan Tedesco.

Hailing from Illinois but calling Des Moines home, the road-tested songwriter plays anywhere from 150 to 200 shows a year and in May released his latest album, a double-LP effort titled “DT."

The record — which Tedesco released in two parts, the former coming last October — was recorded entirely on his iPad, using what he describes as ‘lo-fi recording techniques.’ The second half of the record pairs the live recorded instruments against electronic drum loops to to create a purposefully juxtaposed sound.

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“(The record) explores what it is to be human in 2016,” Tedesco said. “It shows where I’m coming from as an artist.”

Tedesco performed his energetic and transparent track “I Didn’t Come Here To Get Mellow” on a scorching hot August afternoon outside the Iowa State Capitol, a building he referred to as his favorite in Iowa. Tedesco said plans to bring a full band to his Des Moines show at Vaudeville Mews on Oct. 22. For more information, visit

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