American Idol finalist Maddie Poppe visits her hometown of Clarksville, Iowa. Des Moines Register


Iowa expressed its love for American Idol Maddie Poppe in the grandest and corniest way it knows how.

Matt Rottler, 26, of Greene, along with Alan Leerhoff of Clarksville, plowed "IOWA LOVES MADDIE," into a farm field between her hometown of Clarksville and Greene.

Rottler, who has experience plowing art into fields, was asked by a resident in Clarksville if he would make something for Poppe as she prepared to return to Iowa for her homecoming show.


"You see a lot of people talking about it around town," Rottler said, about Poppe's performance on American Idol.

He started by printing “Iowa Loves Maddie” on a piece of paper and measuring it.

Then he converted the measurement to scale for the field. He put those measurements into a surveying app on his cell phone that converted them into GPS coordinates.

Rottler went out into the cornfield and placed flags in prominent spots for the letters. For about three hours, he and Leerhoff got into their John Deere tractors and plowed the letters into the 20-acre field.

The cornfield even made its own appearance on "American Idol" Sunday night.

While Rottler doesn't have cable, he said he'll be looking out to see if Poppe wins "American Idol" Monday night. 

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"I'll definitely keep my eyes and ears open," Rottler said.


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