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7 bar cart essentials

Looking for a bar cart with equal parts fashion and function? Here are 7 essentials to help get you (and the party!) started.


No cosmo is complete without a proper shaker. Look for the must-have martini maker on the cheap at your local home goods store, such as TJ Maxx or Marshall's. Golds and chromes make the trendiest finds.

Cocktail Guide

For the amateur bartender or indecisive partygoer, a cute book of concoctions will help you choose (and make!) the perfect sipper – Tom Collins, bloody mary, watermelon margarita — you name it.


Gold-rimmed cocktail glasses are all the rage these days. Keep those — along with a variety of wine glasses and other trendy glassware — at the ready. Breaking out the copper cups? Stick them in the freezer for an hour before serving to ensure your mules stay ultra-chilly.


Let's be real — a dirty Shirley without grenadine is just a vodka and Sprite. Keep your classics classic with simple syrups and traditional mixers like sparkling water and sweetened lime juice. Lemon slices, cherries and sugar-rims will dress the drinks in style.

Ice Bucket

Save guests the hassle of refilling at the freezer with a stylish ice bucket. Ice cubes, on average, last anywhere from two to three hours in one, so be sure to have extra in case your party lingers longer than planned. TIP: Line the inside of your bucket with a plastic bag to help keep your cubes extra frosty.


Sip on 2015's hottest liqueur of the year: gin. Whether it's paired with bubbly tonic or splashed in lime juice to make a gimlet, this sophisticated liqueur is a bar cart must.

Odds and Ends

Tie up your bar cart with any loose odds and ends. We're talking candles, favorite coffee table books, paper straws … even marquees. Other important items include a wine kit, bottle opener and cocktail napkins.