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8 spring drinks at The Continental

Antsy for spring? Here are 8 fruity, floral and super fun drinks to cure that cabin fever — thanks to the Continental's new spring menu, of course.

Dark and Stormy, $10

Introducing Bermuda's signature cocktail, made with Gosling's Rum and ginger beer. Topped off with lime juice, this lowball drink is spring break on the beach found in the corner of the worn, East Village bar.

Berry Belgian, $10

This fruity cocktail looks like a margarita ready to party. Enjoy an unexpected pairing of gin and Duvel Belgian Golden Ale. Blueberry and strawberry blend to provide a naturally sweet pillow for the heavy duo. We can almost pretend it is antioxidant friendly for the summer swimsuit diets that never actually happen.

Bijou, $10

This drink is a gem ... literally. It's French for jewel, and packs a trifecta of deliciousness: Dolin Rouge (a ruby vermouth), green chartreuse and orange bitters. The smooth, velvety drink and the newfound knowledge of something French is sure to impress your Tinder date.

Gin Royale, $10

Nothing is spared in this impressive champagne cocktail. St. Germain and orange bitters to the Plymouth Gin and champagne. This glass succeeding in nothing short of evoking images of flouncing with a springtime lover through an orange grove while popping bottles to let more of the crispness bubble out. Order this drink to toast anything worthy of glass raising.

Celery Tonic, $8

It took the drinking companion and I a moment to determine what this vert hued lowball reminded us of. We landed on wheatgrass. This taste is apparently what happens when Cocchi Americano Apertivo, Dolin Dry Vermouth and celery juice get strained together. I would consider drinking post long run or hot yoga class; the vegetable juice base means this is also a most excellent way to consume something seemingly healthy nearing bar close.

Cachaca Smash, $8

"I have never loved anything so much," exclaimed the drinking partner as she held the newest of the infamously wonderful "smash" section. Break down the ingredients and you are looking at sugar plus sugar plus more natural sugar. Recommended for when you want to drink dessert. Cachaca is a brilliant invention, harnessing its secret powers from distilling sugarcane juice. The bartender then adds in additional sugar and muddles in fresh raspberry and lemons.

Embassy Cocktail, $10

Hailing from the golden age of Hollywood at the venue namesake of this cocktail, this drink brings the vintage vavoom. Brandy, Gossling's Rum, Grand Marnier, lime and bitters are all rolled up into a few ounces. Do not let your tolerance be deceived, dear drinker. This is not a swishy drink. It does not play around. It wants you toss it back in a few deep throated gulps because you better darn well be starting the night off with this won't have to order another drink for a couple hours.

Antico Fashioned, $8

From the name we can infer this cocktail is one of Italian "ancient styling" of the old fashioned (think muddled cherry, whisky and lemon rind). The cocktail starts with bourbon, sandwiching itself between herb-infused digestif Amaro and orange-hued aperitif Aperol. Garnished with a lemon, the drink has strong muscles built on an eclectic mixing of bright, bold Italy-imported liquors.