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Get your ice cream fix at The Outside Scoop

The day was rainy and cold, but that didn't stop passersby from getting a cool fix. Originally based in Indianola, the creamery on wheels is hitting the downtown streets of Des Moines this spring — here are a few flavors you won't want to miss.

Maple Bacon Brittle

If Buddy the Elf had a favorite ice cream, this would be it. This wasn't just crispy bacon chunks studded in vanilla ice cream, it tasted exactly like maple syrup — the good stuff — and had the same consistency: rich and thick.

Blueberry Lemonade

See ya, strawberries. Fresh lemonade pairs perfectly with real blueberries in this well-balanced treat. Not too tart, not too sweet — just sunny and swirly enough to brighten your mood.


Subtle and mellow, this surprisingly not green ice cream is exactly what it is: plain and nutty. And buttery — even more so than the Butter Pecan — you can thank real ground pistachios for that.

Eggs N Malted Chocolate

Remember those chalky malt cups you got at the ballpark as a kid? This is it. Only now it's packed with colorful pieces of malted milk candies.

Cake Batter

By far the sweetest scoop in the bunch, this ice cream tasted like frozen frosting on a spoon. Smashed sprinkles offer fun pops of color while the texture resembled that of actual cake batter.

Butter Pecan

Raw pecans offer a welcomed crunch in an otherwise creamy spoonful. Slightly buttery and sweeter than pure vanilla — a single scoop cone of this is golden.

Thin Mint

Girl Scout cookie fans will go crazy over this cookie-crushed treat. Actual pieces of thin mint cookies find their new home in double the chocolate, double the goodness.

Lucky Charms

Real Lucky Charms marshmallows swirl their way into ultra-smooth vanilla ice cream. The cereal wasn't crisp and airy like you'd expect in a frozen fix — this time it was simply chilled and chewy.

Homemade Waffle Cone

If you don't try the fresh waffle cone, you're not doing The Outside Scoop right. With hints of cinnamon and brown sugar, this delicious $1 addition is worth every penny — and goes well with any flavor you try.

The Outside Scoop

Find it: 602 N. Jefferson Way, Indianola

Spring hours: 6:30 - 10:30 p.m. Monday - Sunday