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Epic group drinks

We hope you’re thirsty. Introducing three ultimate group drinks for your next night out. They’re fun, fruity and absolutely boozy. Party hearty, people!

Hessen Haus’ Das Boot ($19 - $23)

Hessen Haus, 101 4th St., 515-288-2520

People: 3+

Size: 2 liters

Fill your boot with one of 50+ beers on tap. Then play The Passing of the Boot. Rules: Drink and pass the boot around clockwise. If you drink without pointing the toe away from you, forget to flick it with your finger before passing or splash while sipping, you drink again. Set the boot down on the table? You buy the next one. And if you finish the boot, the person who passed it to you has to buy the next one. Caution: You break, you buy. The ginormous boot glass costs $50 to replace, so sip safely.

Fong’s Happy Fong ($12)

Fong’s, 223 4th St., 515-323-3333,

Fong’s Ankeny, 1450 S.W. Vintage Pkwy, Ste. 120, 515-243-8888

People: 1+

Size: 16 oz.

Crab rangoon pizza isn’t the delish thing at Fong’s — their tiki bar is top-notch and one of the best in town. Enjoy a Happy Fong fish bowl fizzing with Captain Morgan white coconut, trendy blue curacao, midori, Sprite, pineapple and zippy orange. The fruity drink offers a taste of the tropics and kicks off any night out in an ultra-sweet way. Other fun group drinks: Funky Monkey ($24), Volcano ($19) and Deadhead ($20).

Blue Moon’s Full Moon Fish Bowl ($20+)

Blue Moon Dueling Piano Bar & Restaurant, 5485 Mills Civic Pkwy, 515-564-7300

People: 2+

Size: 1 gallon

Take a break from downtown and head over to West Glen’s Blue Moon Dueling Piano Bar. The jazzy tunes and flowing cocktails will get you in the perfect, going-out mood. We recommend starting with the Full Moon fish bowl — an icy blue drink that’s overflowing with bubbly, island goodness. Tall neon straws reach out to you and your friends to share. Enjoy live music, too. Warning: there is a $5 cover.