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Zombie Burger kicking off Fair fun with 12 Days of Fried-Mas

In case you aren't aware, the Iowa State Fair starts this week, which will be 11 food-filled days of pretty much anything you could want deep-fried. Not to be outdone, Zombie Burger (East Village location only, 3000 E. Grand Ave.) is going one step further with the 12 Days of Fried-Mas starting Wednesday.

It's 12 dishes inspired by fair food, served one per day. Here's a look at why your doctor will be writing you a Lipitor prescription at the end of the month.

Aug. 12: Deep fried sliders on a stick, two sliders with American cheese, bacon and onion, covered in corn dog batter and fried.

Aug. 13: Guinea grinder wontons, Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese, marinara and banana peppers wrapped in a wonton shell, fried and served with marinara for dipping.

Aug. 14: Fried Sriracha ranch balls, served with bacon-1000 island dressing

Aug. 15: Fried Rice Krispy treat sundae, a battered and fried Rice Krispie topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel and chocolate sauces and toasted Rice Krispie pieces.

Aug. 16: Roasted poblano and bacon mac and cheese bites.

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Aug. 17: Waffle-battered fried chicken wings with maple barbecue sauce.

Aug. 18: Redneck poutine, barbecue spice potato chips, sweet heat barbecue sauce, shredded beef and battered cheese curds.

Aug. 19: Turkey leg rolls, shredded smoked turkey leg, pepperjack cheese, caramelized onion and barbecue sauce wrapped in egg roll wrappers and fried, with a side of barbecue sauce.

Aug. 20: State Fair falafel, made with Grimes sweet corn and Maytag blue cheese fritters, bacon, heirloom tomato pico de gallo and caramelized onion on South Union Bakery flatbread.

Aug. 21: Cinnamon Toast Crunchpuppies, Cinnamon Toast Crunch fritters served with Rumchata and coffee dip.

Aug. 22: Fried lasagna bites, breaded and fried and served with marinara and ricotta cheese sauces.

Aug. 23: Funnel cake taco, a funnel cake tortilla filled with caramel ice cream, bacon and caramel-apple slaw.

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