The Register's Brian Taylor Carlson breaks down all of this year's new fair foods and tells you which ones to try! Des Moines Register


From foods-on-a-stick to fried food concoctions, the Iowa State Fair is known for fun, interesting and delicious food.

And, in keeping with the Iowa State Fair's focus on affordability, a new assortment of Best New Deals were tasted by a panel of judges to determine this year's winner of foods that are $5 and under.

Best Fair Food new deal winner

The winner of the Best New Deal at the Iowa State Fair in 2019 is the Cookies and Cream Wonder Bar. 

This is a new version of a traditional State Fair favorite. The hand-cut cookies and cream ice cream on a stick is dipped in chocolate, then rolled in crushed Oreo cookie pieces ($4).

Find the Cookies and Cream Wonder Bar at J&L Soukup’s Wonder Bar stand.

Other contenders

Other contenders for Best New Deal were:

  • Bacon-Wrapped Pig Wings ($4)
  • Funnel Fries ($5)
  • Jalapeno Popper Pizza ($5)
  • Lemon Sipper with Peppermint ($3)
  • X-Treme Balls ($4)

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