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La Cuscatleca Pupuseria and Restaurant has closed its location on Des Moines' east side but plans to reopen in the former location of Café Fuzion.

Meanwhile, Café Fuzion will relocate to a new location on Ingersoll Avenue.

After closing their location at 1832 E. Hubbell Ave., in August, the El Salvadorian La Cuscatleca will reopen in September at 1240 E. 14th St., the current location of pan-Asian restaurant Café Fuzion.

Café Fuzion is re-opening at 2721 Ingersoll Ave., the former location of Krunkwich Ramen House, with largely the same menu but under the new name Lucky Lotus.

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"The former location wasn't up to par with what we wanted to present to customers," said Jaime Leiva, a representative of La Cuscatleca.

Pupusas and other menu items are still available during the interim at La Cuscatleca's food truck parked at 1013 SE 14th St., across from Pete Crivaro Park Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

The new La Cuscatleca location will open Sept. 13 in time for the celebration of the El Salvadorean Independence Day two days later.

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