Do you want to make Indian food like a pro? According to Skillet, all it takes is a few key spices. Before you pop open your recipe book, it's important to buy Indian spices in small quantities, store them in sealed containers and stock them for about a month. In addition to mustard seeds, black peppercorn, ginger, garlic, and cinnamon, Skillet suggests racking up on cloves, cardamom and turmeric. They say that green cardamom works well in sweet, baked dishes. Turmeric is also key. Skillet explains that "In the Indian kitchen it is added to almost everything—from gravies to curries to sauces."


Namaste India Restaurant in Clive will close after Thursday's lunch and dinner shifts, but the owners hope to reopen the business in a new location. 

Namaste serves north and south Indian cuisine and Nepalese specialties. It reopened in May with a new owner and the restaurant's original chef, Andrew Jadhav. 

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The menu includes samosas, paneer dishes, biriyani, tandoori and a wide range of vegetarian options with baskets of freshly baked naan and roti.

"Namaste will permanently close at the current location, end of day today, as our lease ends," the Facebook post read. "It was a privilege to serve our customers for over a decade."

Owner Roni Singh said he is working to secure a new location that he hopes to have in place within two months. 

Singh, 40, in partnership with the owners of Namaste India Supermarket, took over operations March 20. The restaurant and grocery store's previous owner was Madhuri Sadhu.

The restaurant is offering a special $7 buffet for its final day.

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