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Three Questions with Chad Elliott

Chad Elliott is a singer-songwriter performing at 9:30 p.m. Friday at Vaudeville Mews, 212 Fourth St.

Q: You've been playing several library shows lately. How did that come about?

Initially, I started approaching libraries to do some children's concerts. I have a children's book ("Wilderman's Treetop Tales") and have been playing more all-ages shows, including the library shows. I like them, because they're already set up kind of as a listening room.

Q: You play a lot of shows in smaller towns, how does playing someplace like Fonda (population 641) compare with someplace like St. Louis?

I think that they're very similar in both having people that want to see live music, but I think in smaller towns it's even more of a rarity. There might be one show a month, if that. So people are hungry for that entertainment already. I grew up in those small towns, so a lot of my songs have references to that. I also love to eat at ma and pop diners all over the country. That's part of my reason for doing this.

Q: You've been working on a follow-up to "Sang the Crow," is that coming out soon?

Yeah, I'm just getting the mixes finished and it's getting mastered this month. I'm working with Ken Coomer from Wilco. We tracked it all down in Nashville and are set to release it this fall. It's a roots rock album called "Wreck & Ruin."