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Andrew W.K. returning to Vaudeville Mews

The easily excitable Andrew W.K. will return for a solo show May 2 at Vaudeville Mews. The "Party Hard" and "We Want Fun" singer is also known for regularly throwing out party-related sayings on Facebook and Twitter like this: "We melt faces, save souls, and destroy bad feelings - all by using a simple technique called PARTYING."

Andrew W.K. last played Vaudeville Mews in 2013. He did a 15 minute interview with Juice which was sort of like a party in print:

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What's he been up to since his last visit? Partying, wearing white clothes, getting bloody noses, lecturing on his philosophy of partying at the Baltimore School for the Arts, and doing an Ask Andrew W.K. advice column in the Village Voice.

Tickets are $20. Go to

For an added bonus, yesterday Buzzfeed published a list of GIF guide to Andrew W.K.'s party tips.